Monday, January 12, 2015

monday morning


steve said...

remarkable progress....both boat and person
Well done steve


Baydog said...

Sheer determination to get back on the water as soon as possible. I'm not surprised!

Steve said...

I am very much looking forward to working on Spartina. It will be a great late winter/early spring! steve

Shawn Stanley said...
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Shawn Stanley said...

Steve, my local sailmaker, whom (I never know if I get that right) I worked for as a youngster, has now had both hips replaced..the 2nd one this summer. He just turned 60. I will be joining him with our friends in Key West next week for Race Week on a Farr 30..he feels great. I have another sailing buddy I work with (really old..72) that has new hips and knees.

I did my shoulder rotator cuff repairs (both) during the off seasons as well to miss as little sailing as possible.

Just sayin' that you do what you gotta do..glad the surgery was without incident, and you are looking great for a couple weeks out on a cane checking out the boat.

They really do almost miracles these days..
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Steve said...

Thanks, Shawn. Timing is working out well. Indoors for all the cold, miserable weather. I'm hearing lots of stories of full recoveries, which is good.

Bill said...

"Sheer determination" - ha! I get it - sheer... sheer... get it?

Steve said...

Dave is always sneaking those lines in. When will the rain end?!

Unknown said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery!!!
A good friend had hip replacement a year ago, he's back playing hockey, and playing well.
Be diligent with your rehab exercises, it makes all the difference as to how quickly and how completely you recover.
Thinking of you,


Steve said...

Ken, you are reinforcing what I have been hearing for a couple of weeks now, thanks. Three exercise sessions scheduled today, plus a visit from the therapist and a nurse. Appreciate the note. steve