Thursday, June 4, 2015

a postcard from Hobucken

I received an email from one of my favorite small boat people, Dawn, showing her and Shawn, a great friend of small boats, with Dawn's new GCI sticker.  How nice!  Receiving the sticker, Dawn wrote "Guess I'm special too."  Yes, she is.

Dawn, Shawn and Beth had just done a little kayak trip to visit some Algonquin oyster mounds on the river, bringing back a few shards of ancient pottery.  No doubt I have sailed past those mounds many times, never knowing they were there.  I'll have to get Shawn to point them out on the chart.  It makes me wonder how much hidden history I pass by on every sailing trip to the sounds of North Carolina.

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JimB said...

Back in the early 80s I would anchor and swim ashore to look for pottery shards on a beach on the west side of Colington Island. In an Our State Magazine article published around that the time, I read about similar locations containing shards and it said the pottery was estimated to be 4500 years old.

Since then I've found them all over soundfront properties in Currituck and Dare counties. Their textures and colors changed with location. Some had very small shell bits embedded, some very dark clay and others lighter red clay. I bet it's all up and down the coast.

Keep your head down and eyes open.