Monday, June 1, 2015

the inaugural

The woman at the ramp asked me, just after I had hauled out from a fine day of sailing, if I could put my boat back in the water for a photo, maybe "pretend" to be going out sailing.  I don't think so, I told her.  Well, how about a picture of you and your boat right here?  Fine, but she really ought to be giving me a certificate, or maybe even a plaque.  Why? she asked.  Because I launched the first ever boat at her new ramp, bending on the mizzen in the otherwise empty parking lot just as the sun came over the horizon.  No certificate, but they did give me a souvenir plastic cup from the new Elizabeth River Park.

It was good to be sailing on my home waters, launching from the new park and passing under the new bridge - 145 feet of clearance and I think I'll make it.  

A 20 minute run under power down the very industrial southern branch of the Elizabeth, beneath the railroad trestle,

and past the warships in the shipyards, and the grain docks and the boatyard that hauls out the megayachts for the megarich.

And then back on Craford Bay to say good morning to the fleet of cruisers, an interesting collection of boat with three steel-hulled boats, two from France and one from Poland.  A few waves from friends on shore and on the local boats, some who have been asking me where I've been.  Steady breezes for a couple of hours then I picked up friend Bill, visiting from Richmond, for another hour or so of good wind. 

Midday the winds faltered, as they sometimes does.  No complaints.  It was good to be back on the river.  


Anonymous said...

No offering to Neptune, no certificate.

Bill said...

Thanks very much once again for the invite, Steve! I enjoyed it greatly, despite the flaky winds that left us in chains a few times. We still managed to get a few good stretches of sailing with some decent winds, and in any case, any day out on the water in a wooden sailboat with good company is a damn sight better than working on projects around the house, which is what my wife wanted me to do on Sunday!

And Spartina is looking lovely - all your work over the winter paid off. I had hoped to take a look at the star on the bow, but that's pretty hard to do from inside the boat on the water...