Friday, June 5, 2015

parade of sail

The Kalmar Nyckel, on a misty morning, getting ready
to join the parade of sail for Harborfest.  One of my
favorite tall ships, Spartina has shared waters with her
from here to Chestertown.


MaryLou said...

A photo of Hermoine surfaced in my FB account. It wasn't yours but I figured you'd be there taking photos. Went to Pilot site and there they were. Great photos as always. What was your high vantage point for the Parade of Sail?

Steve said...

25th floor of an apartment building. Unfortunately Hermoine didn't come here, she went to Yorktown. Could have used her, and a little bit of sunshine too. steve

MaryLou said...

Yorktown, Norfolk... this Northerner somehow missed the subtleties. Guess they are not really as close as the map in my mind thinks. Did they have other boats in Yorktown or did she just have her own agenda? Sun has been trying to break through all day here but it still hasn't hit 70.