Sunday, June 21, 2015

consider the oyster

An unexpected gift from my shellfish guy Uncle Chuck.  I had come to buy clams, which had been sold out since yesterday.  This was a blow, and even more so when he explained that the last batch had been bought by a friend of mine (darn you, Vicki!).  So I went with Argentinian cold water shrimp, which are excellent and taste so good you really best off sautéing in a little wine and butter.  As a parting gift he threw six York River oysters in the bag, acting as if I could do him a favor:  "Be sure and let me know how they taste," as if he didn't know already that they are plump and sweet and much like the Eastern Shore's Sewansecotts less the ocean brine.  Maybe it was to make up for being out of clams, maybe it was a Father's Day gift, or maybe it was just because Chuck is a nice guy.  Thanks very much!

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