Wednesday, June 17, 2015

a world away from here

Greg, from South Africa, sends me the photograph above of his just launched John Welsford Pathfinder "Joytoy."  Just beautiful.

Greg and I were in touch back in 2012 as he was finishing with his planking.  We compared notes on ballast and hatches, talking about those details that come up once you have something in the shed that resembles a boat.  I believe he and Rik, builder of the Pathfinder Vanessa, were in touch too. 

Greg says he will be doing his sailing near Inhaca Island in Mozambique.  Looking at satellite images of the island it appears to be a wonderful area with beaches, protected waters and winding channels, perfect for exploring in a Pathfinder.  Congratulations, Greg, very nice job.  Enjoy!

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