Sunday, September 6, 2015

a preview

From my friend Dave, aka BayDog, who made a weekend visit to Tangier Island.  I always love the way the white workboats and crab shanties are set off against the green of the green water, green-brown cord grass and blue skies.  


S/V Ti' Punch said...

Any idea if Mr. Parks is still running the marina there? It's been two seasons since we've been to Tangier. Chatting with Mr. Parks is one of the best parts of a visit for us, but I know he's getting up there in age.

Looking forward to reading about your Fall trip.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

Mr. Parks is still there and a very interesting character. My wife and I stayed at his marina just two weeks ago. Great place.

Hope to see Spartina in St. Michaels.


Steve said...

That's great to hear. Wouldn't expect anything less than Mr. Parks being there at the docks. See you in St. Michaels.


Baydog said...

Best, freshest softies I've ever had, in the best place in the world to have them. What a great island. My Dad used to cruise through there on his Catboat for years.