Friday, September 25, 2015

safe harbor


Kevin B said...


My wife and I are scheduled to take a trip out of that marina tomorrow. A 3-hour tour…….hmmmmm why does that sound familiar???? I'll be placing a call to the Cap't in the morning and if it is a go we will be there at 930 heading out on the Sharps Island. I'll look around for you, otherwise I'll be on the Miles River heading to the Wye on Thursday in advance of MASCF


MaryLou said...

We waited out a brush with a tropical storm at Knapps Narrows Marina once - a very comfortable place to be in a blow.

I believe the Tilghman Island Watermans Museum is open on Saturdays

The Book Bank, home of Crawford's Nautical Books is also open weekends.

and as of a couple of years ago, Two if By Sea was a great place to have a meal.

Enjoy the island!

Mary Lou

Steve said...

Great time at Knapps Narrows, including a visit to the museum and a couple of excellent meals at Marker Five (the old Bay Hundreds). Are you back in Rock Hall, MaryLou? steve