Friday, September 11, 2015

in my mind's eye

I received the gift of these photographic prints yesterday, the one above measuring 13 x 19 inches, and a handful like the one below on 8 x10 paper.  I do not know the photographer, he is a friend of a friend.  It was incredibly generous of him to shoot the images, then make the beautiful prints and have them delivered to me.  In a thank you note I wrote that I sometimes wonder what we - we being Spartina and myself - look like under a fine breeze.  I told him that if could see the image in my mind's eye, well, he would know that he captured it perfectly.

The large print will be framed.  The smaller ones will be sent to the daughters, co-builders and part of the original crew of Spartina.  All of them will be treasured.  Thank you, David.

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