Tuesday, September 8, 2015

what can I expect?

a little bit of everything.....

Just over a week until we cast off.  I'll give it a couple more
days before I look at the weather.  These are some photos
from past trips on the Bay and visits to St. Michaels.


Bill said...

Do you ever tie yourself on to a jackline or other secure fitting, so you don't fall overboard? It seems to me like a good idea when single-handing, especially if some weather comes up or if you're out in heavy chop.

Steve said...

Yes, Bill, I always wear a safety line while solo cruising. Look in the top photograph in the post and you will see the yellow line on the port side of the centerboard truck. It is fastened up forward to a heavy duty D-ring, runs aft and is clipped to my harness. That is standard for any kind of weather when I'm out there alone.