Saturday, September 5, 2015

lit up

New batteries put in today for the, from left to right, ACR Firefly Plus strobe/flashlight and the two Coleman l.e.d. lights (excellent and cheap anchor lights).  At far right is the folded luminAID  light, uninflated (which does not need batteries and works very well uninflated).

New batteries too for the SPOT and the Garmin GPSmap 62s, ultimate AA lithium batteries.  Sleeping bag, ground pad and inflatable pillow are packed.  Lots of gear everywhere right now, still sorting through the cook kit and the light kit, trying to make sure everything is there that I need and what I don't need is not there.

 Also finished the waypoints for inside the barrier islands on the Eastern Shore seaside, which I'll need on if I get a favorable north wind, otherwise I'll be sailing only on Chesapeake Bay.

Packing gear this week, food next weekend.


MaryLou said...

Glad to see all those waypoints.I remember looking at the Google Earth view from your previous attempt and thinking that has got to be one of the more confusing places on earth. I remember talking to a Rhodes 22 owner who had done that stretch back in the late 80s or early 90s, pre-GPS in any event. He said he had never been so lost in his life. Have a great cruise, whichever way the winds blow.

Steve said...

Thanks, Mary Lou. If I'm around Rock Hall I'll give you a shout. You and Fred gonna be around for the MASCF? steve

LuminAID said...

Hi Steve! Team LuminAID is a big fan of your blog, and we appreciate the mention. Glad to hear that you are getting great use of the PackLite 16, even when it's uninflated. If you have any pictures of it in action while you are sailing, feel free to send some to us at We would love to see them!

Team LuminAID

Steve said...

Will do. steve