Monday, May 23, 2016


Webb has anchored Gannet in Mission Bay near Cairns, Australia.  He says he will leave in a day, beginning 500 miles of day sailing inside the Great Barrier Reef.  Excellent.  He had a rough ending to his offshore sail.....

"Came across the Great Barrier Reef yesterday in miserable conditions, heavy rain, quarter mile visibility.  Let's here it for GPS and IPhones as chartplotters.  More rain due today.  I hope to be on my way north tomorrow.  It will be 500 miles of day sailing always on a reach now that the trades have settled in."

Gannet was kept at Quivira Basin on Mission Bay in San Diego.  I wonder how many miles under the hull from Mission Bay to Mission Bay.  (Webb now tells me it is 8,496 miles.)


A persistent low has hung off the Mid-Atlantic for a few days now.  Cool temperatures, dark low clouds, light rain, drizzle, heavy rain.  It does not feel like May at all.  The weather should be moving offshore tonight and I should be driving down to Hobucken with a forecast of sunny days and warmer temperatures.  I'm so ready.  


JimB said...

Looking forward to hearing your reports and seeing your photos. So far we're tied to the dock due to family events, but will be out there in a few weeks. Have a great time!

Steve said...

Thanks, Jim. Won't make it up your way on this sail, maybe next time.