Monday, May 9, 2016


"My wound is geography.  It is also 
my anchorage, my port of call."

- first line of the prologue from the Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy

I think the shopping is done.  Got all the food I need, and probably more than I need (though I might add some of those tiny cheese rounds that come wrapped in wax), bought a new l.e.d. anchor (WalMart, under $10) and received my second book from Amazon, The Prince of Tides (the first book is Jan DeBlieu's Wind).   Tides tables for Beaufort Inlet have been printed out.  I do need to go online to get a NC saltwater fishing license.

About two weeks until I cast off, really ready to go as I've been following Curt's sail on Annie on the same waters I'll be sailing.  Last I saw he was in Bath, Blackbeard's old hangout, a little town on a creek off the Pamlico River.  

Thinking about his trip and my last couple of sails down there I dug out these photos from the Easy in the Islands 292 and The Inner Banks 425.  Can't wait to get back down there.


Deke said...

That picture of the rail in the water makes me wonder if I've made my combing high enough, awesome pic!

Steve said...


that was one great sail. We were heading up the western shore of Pamlico Sound just a couple of days after the Pamlico Watertribe event was cancelled because of high winds/waves. Fully loaded for the trip, the boat was heavy and rock solid. I kept the deck on the edge of the water for the longest time working my way through a little cut in a long shoal that save me from sailing a couple of miles out into the sound.

How's your Pathfinder coming along?


Deke said...

Cool. Just wrapping up the combings, after that just some trim work, varnish and rigging out. Getting real close. Hoping to commission by mid June.