Sunday, May 8, 2016

hard fought

Curt posted the photograph above to his blog after what he described as 36 miles hard fought miles in 11 hours.  This must have been up Core Sound, which is shallow with narrow winding channels.  His SPOT message last night showed him anchored in Long Bay just around the corner from the east entrance to Old Channel.  He could be taking the Old Channel to Turnagain Bay (love that name) and the Neuse River today, but my guess is with a west wind he'll be sailing north up West Bay to Pamlico Sound and Ocracoke.  How nice.


When daylight gets to the other side of the world Webb should be heading into Bundaberg, Australia.  It looks like he had several days of excellent sailing and a couple of days of very light winds.  I'll be looking forward to reading his passage log which will probably appear here in a few days.


Here's a photo my friend Paul shot last October.  No sailing for me this weekend, cold and rainy on Friday, then rainy again yesterday morning.  So I took care of chores around the house, checked/packed more gear, sorted fishing tackle and added waypoints to the gps.  A little more than two weeks to the spring sail which may likely follow Curt's path.

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