Sunday, May 15, 2016

windless to brutal

Interesting weather on the water yesterday.  Light ground fog driving to the ramp, no wind when motoring down the southern branch of the Elizabeth, 15 mph arriving mid-morning, gusts picking up in the afternoon, with a brutal wind gusting to almost 30 mph late afternoon.

I was joined on the water by Sail Nauticus friends, some who later joined my on Spartina for an afternoon sail, the weight of three passengers being welcome as the gusts ran across the river.  I built the boat to get away from people but have found that I have met and made very good friends with a lot of sailors over the years, yesterday's guests included.  I enjoy sailing single-handed, but I am finding I enjoy company too.  A great day on the water.

Below is a cell phone video clip from Lynn, shot as we passed each other in the photograph above.

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Curt said...

I agree with you about "good friends". Thanks for being mine.
And good luck and good weather on your upcoming trip...