Saturday, May 21, 2016

ok, I think

Went over the list of gear, an old version of the Watertribe's required equipment list, and found that I've got everything I need (the orange "ok" are from this trip).  Bought my NC saltwater fishing license.  Checked the tides for Beaufort Inlet.  Cleaned the O-rings on the deck plates.  Filled the small water bottles and checked to make sure the eight one-gallon water bottles beneath the bunk flat (forward deck) are full.

I had noticed some wear on the bottom of the mast where it had rubbed down to bare wood.  Sanded and epoxied yesterday, four coats of varnish on today.  Good as new.

I've got a couple long days of work Sunday and Monday, hope to be on the road before dawn Tuesday.


steve said...

Have fun steve

Deke said...

Have a great adventure! I'll be watching the tracker.

Steve said...

thanks, guys. can't wait!!!

scott christianson said...

Hi Steve, thanks for the inspiration to make my lists and get going. Question: (dumb?) how do you get four coats of varnish on in one day-I need to be doing that!

Steve said...

That light bulb warms the varnish and creates some airflow. Thin coat was dry to touch in a couple of hours. Keep in mind that is workboat quality work. I certainly could not do large areas like that, but this was a small area on the bottom of the mast that nobody sees.