Friday, September 11, 2020

and then there were six

The cook kit is ready to go.  Essential ingredients:  Jet boil stove, gas canister, spork and spoon, MSR cook set, olive oil, cajun sunshine and blackened fish seasoning.  Just one pot is needed but I carry the kit in case I catch a striper or bluefish, using the pot to make boil-in-bag rice and the pan to sauté the filets.  I even sharpened the filet knife.  Just in case.  For the freeze-dried meals I'll follow Curt's lead and "dress them up" with a little olive oil, hot sauce or seasoning.

Six items to track on the hurricane map.  The two red x marks are of concern, but mostly the red x at the right is the one to watch.  We'll see.  


Rik_Studio said...

watching the x also...

Steve said...

With good reason. Let's all hope for the best. Take care and be safe