Thursday, September 10, 2020

peak day

It is the orange "X" at the right that makes me a little nervous.

 I have always heard that September 10 is the peak day for hurricanes and this seems to be proving itself true.  Paulette and Rene should be no problem, they will turn north, according to predictions, and not both the coast.  The yellow marks have just a small chance of turning into tropical storms.  It is the orange 'X" that has a high probability of becoming a tropical depression.  Here is the latest from

3. A tropical wave is located a few hundred miles southeast of the 
Cabo Verde Islands and is producing disorganized showers and 
thunderstorms.  Gradual development of this system is forecast, and 
a tropical depression is expected to form by this weekend or early 
next week while the system moves generally westward across the 
eastern and central tropical Atlantic.
* Formation chance through 48 hours...medium...60 percent. 
* Formation chance through 5 days...high...90 percent.
Food is packed, clothes too.  I think I have the SPOT issue resolved.  Now we just need to see that the storm situation is like next week.  That 90% gets my attention.


David Swanson said...

I think your planned trip is on the Chesapeake, but if you are headed south, I just found out that the state dock in Bath was damaged by Hurricane Isaias & is closed. Just FYI.

Steve said...

Heading to the top of the Bay, but thanks for the heads up. I did not even know there was a state dock in Bath. Where is it? I always use the docks by the hotel. Steve

Steve said...

Looking just now I see that I have been using the state dock, never knew it belonged to the state. It has always been in very rough shape, so maybe there will be an improvement. Steve