Sunday, September 6, 2020

the last summer sail, how about handsome?

It was a perfect day for the last summer sail.  Cool with a deep blue sky, white puffy clouds and a breeze that started the morning well and then built from there.  I chose to head down to Elizabeth City, I had not sailed there in a few months.  A few power boats out and also a couple of snow bird sailboats headed south.  It seems like it was late June and early July that the flock of snow birds was passing through on their way north.  Everyone is off schedule these days.

This is, for me, the last summer sail of the year.  When I launch the boat in Cambridge in about 10 days it will still be summer.  But by the time I return from a sail to the top of the bay and back, visiting creeks and rivers along the way, it will be fall.  I expect a few warm and even hot days, but also some cold fronts rolling down that will make my 30 degree sleeping bag seem like a good idea.  I decided on today's sail that I will take my dry suit on the fall sail.  While the water will not be cold enough to require a dry suit there are sometimes cold rains that can be chilling to the point of a discomfort that can be distracting and dangerous.   

 As I said, the wind built through the morning, requiring a reef just about lunchtime (try tucking in a reef while putting mayo on a store bought submarine sandwich).  I was glad to have the practice of tying in the reef and pleased with the mainsail set that resulted.  The sandwich was pretty good.

Back at the ramp a woman, who had stopped to ask for directions, told me SPARTINA was "cute."  I thanked her but said I really don't like the boat being called cute, it has a connotation that does not fit a boat that at time does some hard sailing.  So we continued our conversation about other things.  As she turned to leave she stopped, looked at me and said "How about handsome?"  Confused I said "What?"  She said "Can I call your boat handsome?"  I told here "that works!" and thanked her.


Rick said...

Yes, summer may be coming to a close here in North Dakota too. Freeze warnings for Monday night, but temps back in the 70s by Thursday. I may take Magic, my 17.6 Mudhen sailboat, out for an overnight this coming Friday-Saturday for a final overnight excursion on beautiful Lake Sakakawea. After that, my Fall sailing may be limited to day sails until months end.

Steve said...

Glad you are overnighting one more time. Always intrigued by Mudhens. Enjoy! steve