Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Miravar 2020 / sleeping gear

Lorenzo tells that the 2020 edition of the sailing raid Miravar casts off tomorrow (Wednesday) on the Mediterranean coast of France.  This will be the third gathering of small boats on what has got to be some of the most beautiful coastline for camper cruising.  I follow the raid's blog every year, using Google translate to read the posts.

In an email Lorenzo says there will be eight boats in the event, two of them being John Welsford Pathfinders (Very cool!) including his wonderfully built ASTRID.  From the email:

"We have a big day beating into the wind on Wednesday, then the winds will die down a little for Thursday where we will have a fair stretch to cover. Friday Saturday and Sunday will be dedicated to sail around the island of Porquerolles and the Hyères peninsula." 

It is a great gathering of friends with beautiful boats, comaraderie, good food and plenty of good wine.  Lorenzo says they may post along the way but it is usually a couple of days or weeks before they begin posting lots of photographs and videos.  Have a great sail!


I am busy packing for my upcoming trip, including the sleeping gear.  Above, from top to bottom, you see my Outdoor Research Bivy, my brand new never-been-used Hyke and Byke 30 degree sleeping bag and the inflatable sleeping pad and pillow.  Compressed, it all looks like this below.

 I've started watching the weather.  We've got about a week to go.

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