Thursday, September 17, 2020

long tall Sally, unjumbled

I don't know what happened to that last post.  It should have said more than "beer."  In fact it should have said:

The remnants of Sally should pass by in the next 36 hours or so.  We are on the edge of the rain, high winds should continue through early Saturday morning.  I've tucked into Knapp's Narrows Marina. I could have tucked into a little cove, but here I can get a hot shower and a cold beer. 


Tom said...

Blogspot can be crazy. :)

I'm enjoying (vicariously) your latest trip. Stay safe and dry, enjoy the seafood at Tilghman's, take a rainy day walk down to Black Walnut Point. On the bright side, Saturday thru Tuesday are supposed to have great winds, 15-20 albeit out of the North.

Steve said...

Good wind is good wind, no matter the direction!

MaryLou said...

Our favorite place to wait out a storm. We waited out a 3 day blow there in September 2009. If you are still there Saturday, see if Crawford's Nautical Books in the 5700 block of Tilghman Island Road is open. It's an amazing place but I don't know if they have managed to stay open with the Covid-19 restrictions and economy.