Saturday, May 15, 2010

the June trip

I was thinking about our June trip while out on my morning walk this morning. Below is an updated map for the trip. Only real change is the starting point which is now Potters Marine on North Creek on the north shore of the Pamlico River. They've got a good ramp on nice, protected water. Plus plenty of room to leave the jeep and trailer.

Here are the stopping points along the way.....
  • Dixon Creek, which we visited on the SkeeterBeater
  • Dipping Vat Creek, we'll stop there after a midday visit to Vandemere
  • Oriental, one of our favorite towns
  • Thoroughfare Bay, which we'll get to by using the bays and canals behind Cedar Island
  • Cape Lookout Bight
  • Beaufort, another favorite town, which we'll get to by either Shackleford Sound or going out on Onslow Bay and coming in through Beaufort Inlet (preferred)
  • Great Island, or possibly Beard Creek a little bit farther up the Neuse River
  • New Bern, another great town and the stopping point
That's the plan. We'll adjust as we go.
There are less than five weeks until the trip so I need to get to work. Need to inventory the food (since I borrowed some for the Walkabout) and need to make a couple of adjustments to the boat. It seems like every trip I find some small modification that will make the next trip more comfortable.
I can't wait.


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