Monday, May 3, 2010


Here is the link for my SPOT tracking page. I should start sending signals about 11 tomorrow when I launch.

The photo above is from Spencer Bay on the Skeeter Beater trip. I'll pass right by this area heading from the marina towards Pamlico Sound.



RichC said...

Tomorrow ... as in Tuesday. Duh! ;-) (deleting my previous post declaring SPOT wasn't working)

Have a great time.

S R Wood said...

Fair winds, Steve! I'll think of you while I'm stuck inside.


Steve said...

Thanks guys. Jeep is loaded and forecast looks decent. steve

RichC said...

Just cking up on your SPOT this Wednesday evening. Looks like you've "checked in" at SPOT 50 -- Roundabout Bay?

It looks as if you've zigged and zagged -- are you tired yet?