Sunday, September 12, 2010


Spartina is a mess right now. Unpacking the day sailing gear (extra life jackets, bottles of water) and starting to pack the cruising gear. It has been raining all day, perfect day to start getting ready for the cruise.

In the morning I got on the computer and added a few more waypoints to my gps. You can see I've got most major points and islands marked, from Onancock, Va in the south to Tilghman Island and Oxford in the north.

I got out the cook kit and removed all the extra gear I would not need. The stuff at the left is staying behind, the gear on the right is coming with me. I cook simpler meals that Bruce, plus I'll be cooking just for one. No need to bring extra gear along.

There are my utensils. Spoon, spatula (both with handles shortened to fit in the cook kit), spoon, fork, knife and cutting board.

And there is a nice out of focus (oops) photo of my sleeping gear, it has been hanging in a closet since June. You can see (from top to bottom) the bivy, sleeping bag and sleeping pad. The dry bag to the left will by my overboard bag.

And there is a candle in a brass chimney that my wife bought for me over 20 years ago. On chilly mornings sometimes I reach out of sleeping bag to light the candle. The glow and the smell of the burning wick make the cockpit of an open boat feel a little warmer on a cold morning.

I'm very excited about my trip. And at the same time I am watching the preparations for another trip, the North Carolina Challenge. That's a Watertribe event run by SandyBottom. I'll back from my trip just in time to catch the ending of their race.
Fall is a great time to be on the water in the mid-Atlantic.


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