Monday, May 14, 2012

a couple of things...

I've started (finally) the daily logs for the spring walkabout.  You will find them both by scrolling down through the blog or by looking over at the column to the right where you will find "Tangier Sound Walkabout daily logs".

I've had a few readers asking about the online availability of the Chesapeake Bay Magazine article.  I've emailed the editor asking about that.  I hope to hear back from him this week. 

Here is a cleaner version of the track from the trip.  I finally figured out how to get rid of all the other data that google earth layers on there.  I still cannot access Garmin G2 Bluecharts on my mac, which is a big disappointment to me.  I bought the bluecharts and can see them on my gps, but not on the laptop.  I spent an hour on the phone the other day with garmin techs, they were not able to help me.  I'm open to suggestions if anyone has experience in this area.


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