Sunday, May 6, 2012

the eastern shore

I had to run over to one of my favorite places, the eastern shore of Virginia, today for work on a day that started out with spitting rain but turned out to be beautiful.

It was one of those hidden places on the Bay side of the shore, the kind of place you would never find unless someone told you to drive down this road to that road and make a turn here, look for the sandy lane through the woods.

The place was hard on the bay, but back at the house you would hardly know it sitting in the middle of a thick pine forest.

It was a very nice visit, very relaxing.  It is taking me years, but I'm getting to know the eastern shore a little bit better.

Plus I learned where all of my old fishing lures ended up.



Baydog said...

I like the gourd birdhouses and the doormat. They mad due with what they had.

Baydog said...
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Anonymous said...

I went out for a sail today with a friend of mine. We had about as perfect sailing conditions as you could want. Great, steady wind, blowing around 15 kts, about 2-foot waves, temps in the low 60s.

I'm wiped out now.

Steve said...


good for you. I had just a one day weekend, no time for sailing. Glad somebody got out.


steve said...

i'd love to find the house which is collecting my old fishing lures from around Plymouth sound!!!!
Nice post - wonderful place - I love SW england but I do love some of your shorelines Steve

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