Tuesday, May 22, 2012

waterfront weather

I spent the day doing some work around the waterfront.  While there I enjoyed watching the changing weather.

Early morning started with fog.

Afternoon rolled in with lightning and thunder.

Evening fell with a steady drizzle.

The photographs, shot between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.,  were made within an area of about 200 yards.  This is at Town Point Park on the Elizabeth River, right where I do my day sailing for much of the year.  I sometimes think I should get bored sailing the same river week after week.  But looking at these  photographs, I see that the scenery is always changing.


Crossing a bridge over that same river, the Elizabeth River, last weekend on a foggy and drizzly day, I thought I saw a ghost ship.  It took me a moment to realize it was the schooner Virginia, out for her first sail after being refitted with new masts.  Despite the weather - windy, cool and rainy - she looked beautiful on the water with her sleek black hull.  Trying to photograph her then, while driving over a bridge in the rain, would have been distracted driving to say the least.  But I snuck by this morning for a closer look.  I can't wait to sail alongside of her this summer.



Rik said...

Wow, how did you get that lightning shot? Nice shots Steve.

Baydog said...

Quite a knack for the great shots.

Steve said...

Thanks, guys. Pure luck with the lightning. Pure luck, how else would I get through life.

Baydog, thought of you as I was doing some planning. Having 350-plus guests by the house this weekend. Good news is that 300 of the guests are live crawfish, 50 guests are eastern shore seaside oysters. And of course there will be a few more guests - people - to eat all that. Details to come.


Baydog said...

Shit, my invitation hasn't arrived yet!

Steve said...

blame it on the postal service. Come on down.


Bill said...

Rik took the exact words right out my mouth - er, fingers. "Wow, how did you get that lightning shot?"