Friday, May 18, 2012

signs of life

I've been seeing those "Salt Life" window stickers for a couple of years now but they never quite appealed to me.  It was only recently that I realized it was a clothing company.  I wonder if they sell more clothes or more stickers.

What did appeal to me was the tee-shirt I picked up yesterday at the North Carolina Estuarium.  "Brackish Life" it says, with a nice drawing of a blue crab. Perfect for anybody who hangs around the Sounds of North Carolina.  Not quite salt water, not quite fresh water.  Like a lot of things in life, somewhere in between.  I will wear it proudly.

I made it down to Hobucken a little later than expected.  Shawn was not there when I first arrived, but his friend Beth was busy working away in the pottery studio.  What, a pottery studio in the old Pate Boat Yard?  How cool is that?

I have to say that the boat yard is in great shape, much better than when I saw it last fall after Hurricane Irene.  As I was looking around and taking some photographs, Beth made the observation that storm debris can make for some pretty interesting decorations.  She was absolutely right.

The boat yard seems to be a little bit of everything these days.  A tiki hut, local hangout, pottery studio, fish house, library (you ought to see the collection of books), art gallery......

....and yes, even a boat yard.

I eventually caught up with Shawn at this house, then later back at the boat yard as he was visiting with a few of the Goose Creek Island locals.  It was good to see Shawn, good to meet Beth and good find to the boat yard in great shape.  I told Shawn I would be back in June, with Spartina in tow.



my2fish said...

I like the brackish water t-shirt. very unique. a company up here in Michigan is trying to promote "unsalted sailing", even with t-shirts that say "save the salt for the margarita". I thought it was pretty clever.

cheers, and have a great weekend,

JimB said...

Being a fan of the Chesapeake, NC sounds and being a bit contrary, I must say that "Brackish Life" stikes a cord.

Did you pick the tee shirt up in Manteo or Beaufort?

Steve said...

It was at the Estuarium in Washington NC. Nice place to visit, nice little town.