Wednesday, May 9, 2012

cover girl

I am very happy and honored to see Spartina on the cover of the May issue of Chesapeake Bay Magazine.  Pretty cool, don't you think?  That's her above anchored on Reed Creek of the Chester River on the last full day of the Back to the Island trip.

The magazine was generous enough to give six full pages plus a little more to photos and story about our nine day trip last May.

This all started on the day before that sailing trip began.  Bruce and I were running around like we usually do on the day before a trip, shopping for this or that, getting last minute supplies.  Stuck in a traffic jam on a bridge over the ICW I get a garbled phone call.  It was the editor of Chesapeake Bay Magazine asking for permission to publish a photograph I had shot a few years earlier.  I said "Sure, but you guys better have the photo in hand now.  I don't have time to track it down, I'm going on a sailing trip."

"What kind of sailing trip?" he asked.  I explained we were going to take my 17 foot open cockpit yawl and sail it up the bay from Onancock to Chestertown.  "Oh, I see," he says.  "You'll trailer to a spot, sail all day, then pull the boat out and trailer to the next spot."  No, I told him.  We'll put it in the water and sail north for 8 or 9 days until we get to Chestertown.  "Really?" he says.  "Give me a call when you get back."

So I called, sent photos and worked on some words.  This is the final result.  I can't thank the magazine enough for the publishing the story.  I'm thrilled with the photo selection (a nice batch shot both by Bruce and myself) a great design and the very helpful editing on the text.  The whole process was a treat.  This magazine will be something I will treasure for a long time to come.



JimB said...

Well Done Steve! Congratulations>

Baydog said...

Proud of you Steve, my friend. My Dad would have soooo been excited about Spartina and you too.

Marius van Tonder said...

Well done Steve! Can't get the magazine here in Cape Town, South Africa, so hoping to see the article in their website archives next month.
Been following your blog since forever. First thing I open every morning.

Steve said...

Thanks guys.

Marius, it has been a while. Good to hear from you.


Darwin said...

Steve: Congratulations! Beautiful cover, worthy of Spartina.Very good reason to be proud.
Greetings from the South,

Roy said...

Very cool and inspirational Steve. Your story needs to be shared beyond this great blog.

S R Wood said...

Steve, this is boss. I will have to track down a copy. Congratulations!

Floatsome said...

Well deserved honor!


EyeInHand said...

That is "awesome." Congrats.

I cancelled my subscription last year because they'd begun focusing on powerboats exclusively. I may now reconsider. Bully for them.

Steve said...

Thanks very much guys. I am proud to see Spartina there on the cover, very proud to wave the flag for small open boat cruising.


steve said...

That is so 'cooool' as the teenagers around here would say.
Well done steve; inspirational to all of us as always.
Cracking article - I don't think we can get it over here but if they have a website and archive pages - will you let me know?
arwens meanderings

Anonymous said...

Congrats Steve,

Always great to see articles on our small boats. Glad they highlighted Spartina. Well deserved.

I'll have to find out if Barnes & Noble carries the magazine or can get it for me here in NC.

Would like to return to the Chesapeake this summer & take in the Chester River.

Buck in NC

Bill said...

Can't think of a more deserving vessel! And I always enjoy your writing and photos, so now I'll definitely look for this.