Tuesday, October 2, 2012

the track

Rock Hall Harbor, Chesapeake Bay, Still Pond, Codjus Cove, Elk River, Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, Delaware Bay, Murderkill River (got to love that one), Roosevelt Inlet, Lewes and Rehoboth Canal....

...Rehoboth Bay, Indian River Bay, Indian River Inlet, Atlantic Ocean, Ocean City Inlet, Ocean City Harbor, Sinepuxent Bay, Chincoteague Bay, Chincoteague Channel.  Just shy of 198 miles, but we'll round up and call it the Over the Top 200.



Anonymous said...

This is awesome Steve! Congratulations on finishing your latest trek! Just saw that a man with a 20 foot open cockpit schooner is going to do his third Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race. You guys must be soulmates! Again, CONGRATS! Always enjoy checking your blog. Hope to see you on the River soon! Sincerely, Rich, owner S/V Heritage

Steve said...

I hope to be sailing on the Elizabeth when the schooners are in town. I'll look for the guy.



Drew Frye said...

A fine adventure in a small boat. We're all impressed.

And yet I hope to follow another trip, where you continue south. Some of my favorite places lie between Chincoteague and Cape Charles, and you have just the boat to reach them. My current boat got too darn big and I can't easily go back.

Steve said...

Thanks, Drew. Yes, we are looking closely at the barrier island. Lots of little channels. It will be fun this winter to figure all that out.