Tuesday, October 6, 2015

a couple photos from the GoPro

Still sorting gear, downloading photos.  Above is the day
we headed into Tilghman Island with some rough weather on 
the way, below is dropping the main outside of the Little
Annemessex after finding strong wind and big waves, each
coming from a different direction.


Bill said...

Well I won't be blogging with lovely, artful pictures (more like a few randomly-grabbed shots with the cell phone), or the interesting commentary, but my buddy and I should be pushing off from the dock in Alexandria early Sunday morning for an all-day sail/motor down the Potomac. We're thinking we'll be cruising all day Sunday, Monday and probably most of the day Tuesday, down to Colonial Beach - we're hoping for some decent wind so that we don't have to motor the whole damn way. In any case, I'll be out on the water in a small sailboat, so it's going to be good anyway - better than a day at work.

Steve said...

Great. Take a couple of nice photos and have a lot of fun. Best wishes for a great sail. steve