Saturday, May 9, 2020

an uncertain sail for uncertain times

On Monday, needing a social distancing escape, I am going sailing.  Conway at Potter's Marine tells me they are open for business as usual, an excellent ramp and a safe place to leave the jeep and trailer.  That I'm launching at the marina on North Creek is about all that is certain about the trip.

I'm not sure how long the trip will last.  A week, maybe two, maybe somewhere in between.

I'm not sure where I'm going.  I don't want to get too far away from the ramp in these uncertain times.  I'll probably stay in an area bounded by Belhaven to the north, Washington to west and Oriental to the south.  

I'm told Ocracoke will open to visitors a week from today.  If winds are favorable I may cross the sound and visit the island.  I'm also told if I go there I should be self-sufficient with food and supplies. Groceries can be hard to come by in the village, still recovering from Hurricane Dorian.

I may spend a fair amount to time skirting the marshes and beaches, following winding creeks, maybe doing a little fishing.  I don't know.  All I really know is I want to get away.

The weather is forecast to be very nice next week, comfortable temperatures and decent wind.  Tomorrow I'll post the new url for following the SPOT track.


A pleasant hike with the Pilgrim along the old Dismal Swamp Canal.  For the hour or more that we hiked along the waterway we did not see a single boat.  Normally this is peak time for boats heading north.  These are not normal times.


JimB said...

Have Fun!

MaryLou said...

Good for you. Have a great week or two. We hope to get the boat in the water soon.

Steve said...

Thanks, Jim and MaryLou! Can't wait to go!