Monday, May 4, 2020

company on board

Yesterday morning there was just one other vehicle with a trailer at the ramp.  A perfect spring morning that had both the tide and the wind helping me motor downriver to where I could raise sail.  

The past few weekends the Pilgrim, who is "wfh," and I have gone on long hikes hikes.  For a change of pace she joined me on the water.  It was a spectacular day with perfect wind.  As steady breeze with some nice gusts out of the west southwest.  As the day wore on more and more boats joined us on the river.  After a while we tied up at the marina and got a couple of sandwiches to-go, enjoying them in the shade of the Pagoda at Freemason Harbor.

Back at the ramp in the afternoon the parking lot, virtually empty in the morning, was full and even overflowing as cars and trucks with trailers spilled over on the the grassy areas.  It was good to see that so many people where out enjoying the beautiful day.

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