"When I think of all the fools I've been it's a wonder that I've sailed this many miles." -Guy Clark

Friday, May 29, 2020

day five - up the Pamlico River

Up at 5:15, a buggy morning in the mouth of Cedar Creek.  Quickly tuck away the sleeping gear and pack the boom tent.  Sails up on the calm morning, motoring out into Mouse Harbor to get away from the mosquitos.

Out of the harbor Curt and I round up to talk about plans for the day.  Wind looks good for a sail to Washington.

Rounding Pamlico Point I ghost the shoreline.  Rich green cord grass, calm water reflecting the blue skies, the call of marsh birds - just a beautiful morning.  Making 2.5.

Just after 7:00 doing 2.8 on the Pamlico River, the S wind falls off then returns, keeps coming and going.  Sailing towards Indian Island at 8:10, 3.3, then more wind, making 4.4 towards the island marked by stands of tall trees on the south shore.

By 10:25 doing 4.6, wind falls off and doing1.5 by 11:00.  Wind returns and back to 4.6 by 11:25.  Approaching Bayview at 11:40, I can see the Bayview-Aurora ferry in the dock on the north shore.

Looking upriver I can see Gum Point, Bath is just around the corner from there, on the north shore and Core Point on the south shore.  Partly cloudy, warm and very comfortable sailing.  ANNIE, sailing behind during the morning, gets a puff a wind and comes up alongside SPARTINA.

Off of Gum Point at 1:00, 3.8, passing the mouth of Bath Creek by 2:00, doing 4.5.  Light overcast and wind constantly changing direction and strength.  Ragged Point at 3:00, I watch as ANNIE turns into the wind and heads SW, Curt probably off to see a friend on Blounts Bay.

Broad Creek Point just before 4:00, afternoon wind stronger and making just under 5 kts.  Through the trestles and past the tree covered islets known as The Castle just after 5:00.  I tie up on the Washington waterfront and make my way to Ribeyes Steakhouse which is listed as being open for take-out orders on the google map.  Instead I find it closed with a chain across the steps.  Hiding my bitter tears I walk back to the dock and cast off, dropping anchor west of The Castle at 6:00.  Just as I get out the stove for a freeze-dried meals I see ANNIE come into view and drop anchor about 50 yards away.  I text Curt about my lost steak, getting little sympathy in return.

27 NM for the day


Tom said...

That's a long day on the water! I sympathize with your bitter, steak-less tears.

And appreciate your beautiful photos, thank you as always for sharing.

Steve said...

Hey, thanks, Tom. Out on sails it is easy to forget the day before, almost impossible to remember the day before that. It's only when I sit down, look at the photos and go over the notes that I realize what a great, great trip it has been. steve