Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Making plans

Cold, grey and drizzly today.  I wanted to brighten my day so I dug out this photo from last September.  I was tacking out of Caffee Bay, a well protected spot with some nice fishing, tucked behind Marsh Island in the Swan Quarter National Wildlife Refuge.  Wind was light that morning.  I tacked out across Swan Quarter Bay.  The wind dropped to almost nothing and I considered motoring through the channel between Swan Quarter Island and Judith Island.  Very marshy area and I bet some good fishing in there.  But the wind kicked up about 10 a.m. and I flew across the mouth of the Pamlico River - dodging a small fleet of shrimp boats -  and anchored for a very pleasant afternoon in Mouse Harbor.  We should pass through some of these same waters, and maybe do a little fishing behind Swan Quarter Island, in May.

I did get an email from Bruce today.  He had looked over the proposed route and thought it was a nice way to go.   He's also been checking on potential menu items.  He mentioned the possibility of prepared meals in sealed bags, plus a camp stew made with vegetables and tinned beef.  Sounds great.  We are also looking at some Oriental sauces - I've seen some boxes at the grocery story with noodles and sauces, just add the shrimp, beef or whatever to make it a meal.  So we'll explore those options more as time goes on.  Soon we'll make a list of days and start building menus.  This is half the fun of a trip - making plans.

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