Saturday, March 7, 2009

And they are off!!!!!!

The Everglades Challenge racers hit the water down near St. Petersburg, Fl early this morning.  They have a nice mapping site where you can track the kayakers and sailors as they head down the west coast of Florida.  For some reason this doesn't work on my Mac, but I can view it on our PC.  Photographs should start showing up soon on their site.

And I'm hitting the water too!!!  Spent yesterday putting lines back on the mast, tuning up the outboard and checking over the gear.  Forecast is for 70 degrees with 8-10 mph of wind out of the southwest.  Perfect!  This will be the earliest I've sailed on the mid-Atlantic coast.  I'll take my camera and hope to have a few photos to post this evening (but they won't be as nice as the photos Bruce posted below - nice work Bruce!)


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