Thursday, March 19, 2009

clouds, rain and sun

This photo was from last June, but it is how I feel right about now.  Four days of rain, one day of sun, now pouring rain again.  When will the sun break through?
Doing small jobs getting ready for the cruise.   Decided to use the Bridge Point Marina in New Bern for the end point of the trip.  My BoatUS card will get us a discount on dockage, plus if we stay at the hotel I know from my two visits to New Bern that an Outback Steakhouse is within walking distance!
I've been adding to the food supply bit by bit.  Plenty of lunches and breakfasts on hand now.  Menu is shaping up with some nice variety.  Also picked up a battery-powered charger for the cell phones.  Along with satellite beacons, vhf radios and flares, I include a cell phone as part of our emergency kit.  It is surprising where you can sometimes get a signal.

Stopped by a tackle shop to look for a fishing lure used on the gulf coast for trout and puppy drum (or redfish, as they would say down there).  It is a lure called a Corky that uses cork covered in soft plastic.  I've been wanting to give it a try.  The old guy at the tackle shop spent so much time lecturing me on why this product wouldn't be available for a couple of years ("Do you realize how much it costs to warehouse this stuff?") that he did not realize he was leaning on a display case that had them all right there!  Didn't buy any that day (didn't want to hurt the guy's feelings) but will stop in to pick up one or two up this spring.

Looking at the forecast this weekend is out for sailing.  Small chance the following weekend.

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Ross said...


I've enjoyed looking at your adventures on your boat -- along with some of the other great Pathfinder websites, it's been great motivation to keep my own project moving along.

Do you have any photos of your boat under full sail -- would love to see how she looks from abeam with the jib, gaff, and yawl all up.