Thursday, March 26, 2009

core sound

That's a thunderstorm off erupting off of the Core Banks.  Bruce and I were headed north on Core Sound up the narrow, winding, but thankfully well-marked channel that leads to Wainwright Island and eventually Pamlico Sound.  We admired that storm from a distance.  Not too much later another small thunderstorm caught up with us from behind.  We were off of Rumley Bay and saw the storm approaching just in time to get our foul weather gear on.  Fifteen minutes later is was sunny and hot again.  
Stormy at the office again today with more layoffs and pay "adjustments."  I suspect I'll survive but will have to tighten up the budget.
When I was building Spartina I told friends I was building her then because I could afford to do it.  Boy, I had no idea how things would be now.  Maybe I'm not such a dope.
This is an anchorage called The Swash on Core Sound south of Drum Inlet.  I've seen the name "Swash" used on other places along the coast, typically low lying areas where storm waters wash right over the barrier islands.  The storm tide rises up and passes right over the sand into the sound.  Eventually the storm moves on, the tide recedes and the island is still there, as if there had never been a storm.


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