Tuesday, March 17, 2009

fog on the harbor

Five days now of fog, mist and rain.  I took this picture yesterday morning but believe me it looked the same today.  I was at Waterside in Norfolk looking across the river to Portsmouth. The ferry runs between the two cities.  The tug was waiting for a navy ship going in to the dry docks.
I do a lot of my day sailing out there.  It's nice to sail for a few hours, come in to the marina to tie up for $5 bucks and walk to D'egg Diner for lunch.  Then back out on the water for some afternoon sailing.
This picture reminds me of historical photographs of the waterfront with ferries and workboats.  It also reminds me of 30 years ago when Bruce and I would go down to the San Diego waterfront with cameras and tripods to make pictures on Tri-X film.   This photo would have looked nice on black and white film, printed dark with a little extra contrast, the highlights of ferry bleached to bring them out a little.
Got an email from Bruce checking on travel dates for our fall trip up Chesapeake Bay to the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival.  We probably should get those details worked out soon.
I hope this weather clears tomorrow.


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