Tuesday, March 3, 2009

maybe, just maybe

Could it be?  Might just have a couple of warm days this weekend.  A little breezy on Friday , but a forecast in the mid-fifties, sunshine and a nice breeze on Saturday according to windfinder.com.  If things go right I'll get out for my first sail of the year.

Sure it will be a bit on the cool side.  Even with the air temps in the 50's or even 60, that breeze over the 42 degree water will keep a nice chill on things.  But I'll layer up and feel what it is like to be on the water again. 

I'm off on Friday and that will give me a chance to get some fuel, put the lines back on the masts and check over the gear.  Plus I can do some chores around the house to earn a kitchen pass for Saturday.

Besides a couple of days of warm weather, a sure sign of the coming spring is the Everglades Challenge 2009.  I've been following their discussion group for the last few days as the competitors talk over gear, navigation, tides and campgrounds.  They'll meet down in Ft. DeSoto on Tampa Bay for an equipment check Friday then take off for the 300 mile race Saturday.    I look forward to this event just like I look forward to the Superbowl.  Except this lasts longer and I can somehow relate better to these folks as they take their small boats out on some very interesting water.  

Making a little progress on our Spring trip.  Picked up four gallon bottles of water on sale at the grocery store, plus some Cajun Sunshine at a 2 for 1 price (everything tastes better with some Cajun hot pepper sauce as far as I'm concerned and it is a standard part of my cooking kit).  Also received a BoatUS members guide in the mail.  Perfect timing as I was trying to select a marina to leave the boat at in New Bern.  Now I know I'll use the one that gives me a 25% dockage discount with my BoatUS card.
The top photo is heading up Core Sound.  Lots of room, as you can see, in the Pathfinder cockpit.  The bottom photo is wing and wind on Pamlico Sound.  Blue skies, white clouds and a following breeze.  Let's hope the forecast holds for this weekend.


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