Tuesday, March 24, 2009

watertribe in NC??

I just read on the Watertribe discussion forum that a couple of veteran Everglades Challenge kayakers, Sandybottom and Kiwibird, are planning a fall watertribe event in North Carolina.  This could be a really cool event to compete in, or even just to watch.
In the photo above that is Kiwibird, left, and Sandybottom, finishing this year's Everglade Challenge.  That challenge is a 300 mile expedition style race down the west coast of Florida.  I've followed the two kayakers for a few years now on their blogs and I'm a real fan of their training, equipment selection and mental approach to journeys on the water.  

On the Watertribe forum Kiwibird says that the NC event will be a 2 and 1/2 day circumnavigation of Cedar Island all the way down to the Beaufort waterfront.  (Bruce and I did this circumnavigation back in '07 on a relaxed six day trip with overnight stops on Core Sound, Pamlico Sound, Oriental and Beaufort.  It is a beautiful trip that includes shallow sounds, winding rivers, a canal, wide open Pamlico Sound and the wind swept dunes of the Core Banks. You can read about our trip here.   And here is a photo album of the trip. ) Below is a little of Sandybottom's description of the tentative plan....

Here is what we are planning (nothing final or approved by WaterTribe yet).  Boat inspections/Captain Meeting Thursday afternoon/evening.  Race start Fri 7am, end Sun 2pm.   Awards ceremony and banquet Sun 1pm.  Checkpoint on Beaufort waterfront.  All WaterTribe rules in effect, Spot manditory.

The route is approximately 100 miles, Cedar Island, Neuse River, Harlow Canal, around Beaufort, Harkers Island, up Core Sound back to Cedar Island.

We plan to promote it as a weekend for family and friends as well.  The Oakracoke ferry leaves from Cedar Island, Beaufort is a short drive to watch participants at the CP, or visit the maritime museum etc....

Sounds like a great event.  

Kiwibird also points out that the SPOT locator beacon, which they will require for the NC event, is available free (where was this deal last year when I bought mine??) if you sign up for the basic and tracking service by March 27.  Check it out at here.


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SandyBottom said...

Hi Steve,
I love you post, thanks. And I've read your article about your circumnavigation many times. Originally our route was going to be more typical 300 mile WaterTribe, but we thought a shorter race might work for many, and your trip helped instigated our route.

I really enjoy your blog, and that it is so active. I need to do a better job of posting. This past EC was really hard on me, and I'm still recovering. I'll start writing about it soon.

Next years EC, I plan to enter with my husband in Class4 with our Core Sound 20. But, I've got to learn to sail first.