Sunday, July 12, 2009

a new name

I was so interested in the idea of visiting crab houses on Chesapeake Bay that I changed the name of the trip.  Now we are calling it "The Crab House 150."  Seems to give us more purpose somehow.  It will be a nice goal to visit a handful of crab restaurants on the way up the bay, compare, contrast and  - most importantly - enjoy.

Got up with a plan to go sailing this morning, even had my neighbor Jim coming along with me.  But woke to grey skies and gusty wind.  Checked (not-so)Accuweather to see a front moving in with thunderstorms mid-morning and again after noon.  So we bagged the sail.
My mistake as it turned out to be a very nice day.  Blue skies and nice wind.  When the thunderstorm finally showed up after 5 pm it was very brief and mild.  
I should have remembered the words of wisdom from my fishing guide friend.  "If you wait till everything is perfect you'll never go fishing."  Or sailing.  


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