Saturday, July 11, 2009

waypoints on the bay

Started marking out some waypoints on the Chesapeake Bay for this fall's trip.  I used Garmin's MapSource software.  I'll make the waypoints on my home computer then import them on to my gps.  Bruce has a Garmin gps also, much newer and more advanced than mine, and we'll import them on his gps when he gets here.  For the photo below I exported them to Google Earth.  This is just the upper part of the trip.  I've also marked waypoints for the entrance to Onancock Creek, Tangier Island, two entrances to Smith Island, depending on if we come in from the bay side or the Tangier Sound Side, and the Honga River.
I've decided to skip making the laminated Google Earth images of possible anchorages.   There are so many anchorages it would not be worth the time.  These waypoints will get us in the area, then we can use Bruce's gps - he has loaded some nice charts on there - and my ADC Chesapeake Bay map book to find our way to the nearest protected area.
Forecast for tomorrow is for excellent wind, hope to be out on the water by 8 or so.


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