Friday, July 24, 2009

through a storm

I got my book in the mail for tomorrow's flight out to the west coast.  It is called "Island in a Storm" and the book looked like it had been through a storm.  It was one of those strange deals through Amazon where I ordered a new book through Amazon from another retailer and paid less than Amazon's price (go figure).  It came in the mail in a plastic bag with an apology from the US Postal Service.  Don't know what happened but the hardback is now a softback, beaten and bent.  I thought of sending it back, but it sounds like a good book so I'll read as is (I wonder how a kindle would have survived that trip).  Here is Amazon's description of the book....

"In the mid-nineteenth century, the Isle Derniere was emerging as an exclusive summer resort on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. About one hundred miles from New Orleans, it attracted the most prominent members of antebellum Louisiana society. Hundreds of affluent planters and merchants retreated to the island, not just for its pleasures, but also to escape the scourge of yellow fever epidemics that ravaged cities like New Orleans each summer. Then, without warning, on August 10, 1856, a ferocious hurricane swept across the island, killing half of its four hundred inhabitants. The Isle Derniere was left barren, except for a strange forest standing in the surf."

The family and I are heading out to San Diego to visit the rest of the family.  I'm taking along my chart of Chesapeake Bay as we'll see Bruce and his family our there too.  It will give us a chance to go over the route, different options, anchorage, hotels, etc.  The Crab House 150 is less than two months away so we've got to start making some decisions.  While in San Diego we'll swing by REI and the huge West Marine store to pick up a few items for the cruise.

I read on SandyBottom's blog that the Yukon 1000 is in progress.  Sounds like an exciting race.  I've never been that far north but would like to go someday.  Reading about the race made me think of a NY Times review of a book about cold places.  The book is called "Cold: Adventures in the World's Frozen Places."  The Times gave it an excellent review and so did Amazon.  I'll add it to my reading list.  


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