Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Another Pathfinder has been launched.  This time it is Perry Burton of Newfoundland, Canada (what a great part of the world that must be for sailing!) launching Pikake.  Perry has a great blog about the build, see it here.   The boat looks wonderful.  If I'm reading his story correctly he completed the boat in 11 months (I thought I was fast at 20 months), and part of that included removing a stairway and door frame at his house to get the hull out of the shop.

I think it is great that John Welsford has Pathfinders sailing from Newfoundland to New Zealand.  I'm not sure how many are out there sailing right now, I do know that more are being built.  I've heard of the design under construction in Texas, Virginia, British Columbia, the Caribbean and Australia.  It's certainly a compliment to John that the Pathfinder is making a name for itself around the world.  Congrats John.  And congratulations to Perry.  Best wishes for some great adventures.

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