Tuesday, July 14, 2009

time and tide

Looking at the charts of Chesapeake Bay it seems that we'll have to pay attention to tides in at least a few places.  Our first will be Smith Island, either the villages of Ewell or Tylerton, and as you can see from the chart below we'll have to navigate a few miles of narrow channels regardless of where we go.  Which way does the tide run through the channels on an ebb or flood tide?  I guess we'll have to find out.  I've never been to Smith Island, but I have been to nearby Tangier Island and when the tide is running it creates quite a current in the main channel through the island.  I expect it would be the same on Smith Island.  
I'm not sure where we'll stay on Smith Island.  It could be the Ewell Tide B and B or the Inn of Silent Music in Tylerton (near the Drum Point Market).  We'll figure that as we go along.  Typically we don't make reservations in advance as weather can affect the schedule.  I do look forward to navigating those few miles of those marshes on the way to either spot, I'm sure it will be a beautiful area.
A day or so later we'll pass through Fishing Creek on Hoopers Island to get to the main Bay from the Honga River.  Again, a running tide could create a strong current there so we'll take a good look at the tide tables before going through the creek.
And the third spot will be Kent Narrows.  If we do make it all the way north to Rock Hall, and that depends on having good wind and weather, we'll go through Kent Narrows on our way back south to St. Michaels.  It will save a lot of effort it we time our passage to go with the tide.

I did do a little research on hotels today and found that the Oxford Inn looks like a good spot in Oxford as we visit Schooners for some crabs.  The hotel and crab house are six or eight blocks away from each other, but after a few days in Spartina I'm sure it will feel good to get out and stretch our legs.  

At Rock Hall, our northern most point during the trip, the Mariners Motel is just a block or two away from Watermans and the marina, that should work out very well.



DancesWithSandyBottom said...


Ah yes, the Silent Music Inn. Has a beautiful view overlooking the Sound of One Hand Clapping. The Sound got its name from the population of single-clawed crabs that live there.

I've been greatly enjoying all your posts. What a treat! Thanks for sharing the adventures.


Kevin B said...

Second the vote for the Inn of Silent Music. I did some work in Tyerton a few years ago and highly recommend a crabcake fromt h eDrum Pt Market followed by a slice of the famous Smith Island cake.

I sailed the Honga River a few years ago, one of my favorite spots.

The tide through Kent narrows can really rip, so you'll definitely need to time your run through it.


Steve said...

I know, I know. What can I say. Mariners Motel, Schooners, Tiki Bar, even the Harkers Island Fishing Center Motel (made of cinderblocks) tend to be my sort of places. Inn of Silent Music does sound a little too, umm, romantic for a couple of guys on a sailing trip.
But the trip will be during the fall and I'm sure we'll overcompensate by having too many manly conversations about football and other manly things.
How is the sailing in NC these days?


Steve said...


the Drum Point Market is certainly the attraction for us of Tylerton.
I will have to research the tides for this trip, I hope we can time it so the tides carry us on our way.