Friday, November 26, 2010


I've been doing some shopping at a couple of my favorite expedition suppliers - Lowe's hardware and Walmart - and noticed that they had some great deals on batteries. I haven't taken time to compare prices but both stores were had some pretty good values. I guess this is all a pre-christmas deal - plenty of low cost double A batteries to power those new tools and toys.

I know I go through more batteries than I like each year on Spartina. There are lots of pieces of gear that required double A and triple A batteries. Above you'll see flashlights, emergency strobes, anchor light, a vhf radio, gps and SPOT. It would be nice to think I could be "green" and use rechargeable batteries but in my experience the technology isn't quite there yet. Someday I hope to add a solar panel to Spartina to I can be a little bit more green. But for now I need batteries.

I've tried to standardize with all aa batteries, but the only ICOM radio I could find last year to replace my old one took aaa batteries.

The strobe, flashlight and anchor lights use double A. SPOT uses the lithium double A. And I heard from the crew of Dawn Patrol last year that my gps would do better if I use the lithium batteries (the standard double A last just a little more than a day with that bright color screen).

So sometime before the christmas season is over, while the double A batteries are going for as low as 40 cents each, I'll pick up on of the 36 battery packs. I know I'll make good use of it next year.



Bill said...

So did you settle on a new waterproof digicam? Or did I miss that post?

I was planning on riding your coattails and benefiting from your research.

Steve said...

No Bill, haven't come to a final decision. I probably won't purchase until late Dec. or Jan. Right now I'm leaning towards the Pentax Optio W90. But I've heard there are issues with battery life. But every other camera has one issue or another. So the jury is still out.