Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What's with the old photos????

Sorry about the old photographs in the last couple of posts. Just about all of them have been published on the blog before. In fact this photo below of Bruce on Core Sound was the first photo we published on the blog.

I've been wanting to create a couple of collections of photographs, one group showing calm water and the other one with stormy weather. Those are of course the far ends of the weather spectrum. Mostly the weather is somewhere in between. But sometimes it is windy and rough, other times it is glassy calm. I kind of enjoy both conditions.

Anyway I wanted to create these collections so I could look at them once in a while (I've found the blog to be both a great log book and a nice, easily accessible photo album). I've put links to these posts off to the right under "some photographs" and I will continue adding to them as I find other images or, once the weather warms, shoot some new ones.

Maybe I'll put together some other collections some day but for right now these are all I wanted to do.



steve said...

ok - stormy - yep - recognise all that and in spades!
calm - nope - can't recollect any of that in Plymouth Sound - well not the glass clear unrippled water bits!
great pics as always steve - thanks for brightening up a freezing (below -21C in UK!!!!!) night here in Plymouth UK

welsh guy shivering to pieces in a very cold Plymouth

Heikki Lappalainen said...

It was interesting to see your blog. Quite an interesting voyage you had. And storms and so on. Thanks.