Friday, November 19, 2010

can't varnish the truth

But you can varnish a mast. Day off today, sunny and warm. Sanded down the coat of epoxy, smoothing out the drips and irregularities and taking off the amine blush. Then put on the first coat of Pettit 1015 Captain's Varnish. I used that brand last year on the rub rails and was very happy with it. Very glossy, nice amber tint and a hard finish.

For non-sailing season reading I've got The Voyage by Philip Caputo. Great book, post civil war story about three teenagers sent off for the summer on a schooner by their father. "Here's some cash, there's boat, now go away for three months" kind of thing. I read it years ago and I'm enjoying re-reading it now. You gotta love the cover art.

It is a classic coming of age story, a journey with a series of adventures that has an Odyssey quality to it.
While this journey is a long one, from Maine to Cuba, it reminds me of our small boat cruises. I remember thinking on our first cruise together back in '07 (that's Bruce below with Spartina near Beaufort) that Bruce and I talked about how each day was a series of adventures. Maybe it was the weather (we started in a summer thunderstorm) or equipment (the centerboard winch failed off of Racoon Island) or the navigation (the narrow channels at the north end of Core Sound) - it seemed like one adventure after another. It was the same on the SkeeterBeater - storms, wind and waves. Something to recognize, figure out and deal with ( or as my friends in The Corps would say "analyze, improvise and overcome.")
Everyday, it seems, is an adventure in one way or another.


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