Monday, November 15, 2010

the shipping news

Great story the other day at, the online publication out of Oriental, NC. (Great web site - if you like coastal Carolina you'll love TownDock.) Here are a few screen shots from the story.

The story is on their Shipping News page and it is about Jeff Arnfield and his 26 foot boat "Windward."

Jeff is from Tennessee and trailers his boat to Carolina for his cruises. That is some serious trailering. But there is much more to the story than that. I can't tell the story any better than TownDock. I'll just suggest you go there and enjoy a good read.

What caught my eye when reading the story was that Jeff cruises a lot of the same territory that we have explored on Spartina. From Beaufort to Oriental, the Neuse River and Pamlico Sound. That's some of my favorite cruising grounds.
He has done a few things that I've still got on my "to do" list. He's sailed to both Ocracoke and Manteo on Roanoke Island. I hope to reach both of those places in the next year or so. And he has sailed offshore from Cape Lookout. We hoped to do that on the Tag Team sail but the weather did not cooperate. I'll give it another shot someday.

It's a great story. Jeff is an inspirational guy that makes the most out of his time on the water. Check it out.


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